A Concrete Countertop Surfacing That Bends and Reflects Light

The coolest thing to come out of Detroit in the last 10 years is not a Cadilllac or the Shinola Runwell chrono. It might be a surfacing material that bends and plays with light.

Manufactured by Detroit-based SensiTile Systems, the concrete-based materials refract and bend light due to embedded fiber optics-like technology.

SensiTile surfacing is made from a micro-concrete mix. The fabricator embeds a light-conducting matrix before the mix is poured. This causes light to shimmer and twinkle. Available in over 50 colors and priced from $40 per sq. ft. to $180 per sq. ft., the surfacing and tiles can be used for countertops, floors, walls and other architectural applications. It’s also available in a wide range of styles.

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